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Award Categories

Fairtrade Living Incomes Leader Award

Evidence of enabling producers to earn a Living Income by:
  • Paying the Living Income Reference Price (LIRP) and/or;
  • Supporting producers with other Living Income interventions and/or;
  • Supporting producer incomes diversification.

Fairtrade Living Wages Leader Award

Evidence of enabling workers to earn a living wage by:
  • Paying a living Wage differential or higher price and/or;
  • Being in partnership with specific farms to support wage structures and/or;
  • Raising awareness around the issue of Living Wages with consumers and industry.

Fairtrade Climate Leader Award

Evidence of innovative and impactful approaches in:
  • Addressing climate crisis promotion and commitment to biodiversity and/or;
  • including the community in environmental management and/or;
  • Taking a holistic approach to climate mitigation and adaptation while recognising the link between incomes and sustainable livelihoods.

Fairtrade Innovation Award

  • Development of an innovative product or marketing idea to anchor Fairtrade in a new target group and/or;
  • Innovative ways of raising awareness for Fairtrade and make it more accessible.

Fairtrade Caribbean and Latin America Award

Evidence of maximized sourcing commitments—both in breadth and depth—while actively supporting the Fairtrade advocacy agenda in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Fairtrade Africa Award Premium Generation

Evidence of maximized sourcing commitments - both in breadth and depth while actively supporting Fairtrade advocacy agenda in Africa.

Fairtrade Asia and the Pacific Award

Evidence of maximized sourcing commitments - both in breadth and depth - while actively supports Fairtrade advocacy agenda in Asia and the Pacific.

Fairtrade Partner of the Year Award

Evidence of:
  • Integration of new producer groups and/or;
  • Deepening existing commitments and relationship with Fairtrade and/or above and beyond financial support or project funding to producer groups and/or;
  • Holding independent contact with the producer group and/or;
  • Demonstrating willingness to innovate whilst testing new approaches together with Fairtrade and/or;
  • Integration of Fairtrade into own company communication.

Who is judging the awards?

The judging panel comprises farmers, workers and representatives from the three Producer Networks, plus two external judges from international organizations based on the objective criteria. The website will be updated to showcase the final judging panel. In addition, the public will be allowed to vote for some of the award categories through a public poll where citizens can vote for their favorite nominee.

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